The Georgia Militia has actually moved off this site and let it go derelict.  They’re now located at gamilitia.com .  This site is actually not being used for anything except to make comments about what idiots democrats and liberals are.

I’ve been political ever since I was a kid.  During my childhood, I was in two different island nations where the socialists/communists were in charge or attempting to take charge.  It sucked.

So early on, I learned what socialism and communism were.  I looked at their history, their plans for domination, and the wake of destruction and death that followed them.  It frightened me.

Now, 45 years later, I see the ‘Democrat’ party becoming more and more like the communist parties of Europe.  Actually, a little more like the communists of South America.  And it sucks.

Democrats have been infiltrated by every bad element of society and their ranks have grown because they utilize tools of coddling special interest groups to bring massive amounts of people into their ‘tent’.  This is a huge mistake.  I could break it down for you – but this is just my ‘about’ page.  I’ll do posts on it later.

For now, just know that I am a Socially liberal, fiscal conservative.  Makes me kind of a libertarian.  I want everyone to have as much freedom as possible and minimize the size and scope of State and Federal government.